Final programme:

8th SJRS Symposium & 11th NJPACS Symposium

September 2010, Munkebjerg Hotel, Vejle, Denmark

Time Sunday 5th. Monday 6th. Tuesday 7th
8.00-9.30   Registration PACS
9.30-10.00 coffee  coffee

Bustour: Koldinghus castle, Trapholdt art and design museum, World heritage Jelling and Vejle Hospital

Special invited session on CAD PACS
11.30-13.00 Buffet lunch Buffet lunch
13.00-14.30            News in              oncoradiology Oncological imaging   update
14.30-15.00 coffee coffee
15.00-17.00            Oncoradiology              cont. Free presentations
21.00 - Get together 19.00 - Galadinner 11.30 - SJRS board meeting
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A printed version of the book will be handed out to the participants at the meeting

Scientific Programme

Monday September 6th. 2010

8.00-9.45      Registration

9.00-9.45   Coffee

9.45-10.00 Opening Session, F. Mathiesen, Vejle, DK  (PDF)

Special Invited Session on CAD

Chairmen H Fujita, Gifu, JP & F Lærum, Olso, N

      10.00-10.30  Achievements and Challenges of Computer-Aided
                           Diagnosis in Radiology. K. Doi, Chicago, USA  (PDF)
      10.30-10.45  Integration of temporal subtraction and nodule
                           detection systems for digital chest radiographs
                           into PACS. S. Sukai, Tokyo, JP  (PDF)
      10.45-11.00  Computer-aided diagnosis using thoracis CT
                           images. S. Kido, Yamaguchi, JP
      11.00-11.15  Current status of CAD utilizing digital mammo-
                           Graphy in Japan. N. Uchiyama, Tokyo, JP
      11.15-11.30   Recent CAD projects in Japan, H. Fujita, Gifu, JP

11.30-13.00  Buffet lunch

News in oncoradiology

Chairmen S Rafaelsen Vejle, DK & T Hosoya, Yamagata , JP

      13.00-13.20  Retrograde-outflow percutaneous isolated hepatic
                           perfusion without laparotomy. S. Murata, Tokyo, JP  (PDF)
      13.20-13.40  MRI of liver tumours
                           E.  Fallentin, Copenhagen, DK  (PDF)
      13.40-13.55  Hepatic Radiofrequency tumour ablation.
                           B. Skjoldbye, Herlev, DK  (PDF)
      13.55-14.10  Negative-balances isolated pelvic perfusion for
                           pelvic malignancies. S. Onozawa, Tokyo, JP  (PDF)
      14.10-14.30  CT colonography and new logistics    
                           A. Drolsum, Oslo, N  (PDF)

14.30-15.00  Coffee

Oncology continued.

Chairmen T Kozuka, Osaka, JP & B Persson, Stockholm, S

      15.00-15.15  Chemotherapy
                           J. Ploen, Vejle, DK  (PDF)
      15.15- 15.30 Lung Radiofrequency tumour ablation.
                           HH. Torp-Madsen, Aarhus, DK
      15.30-15.45  PET/CT scanning in oncology
                           T. Ormstrup, Vejle, DK  (PDF)
      15.45-16.00  Hybrid catheter intervention for acute massive
                           pulmonary thromboembolism.
                           H. Tajima, Tokyo, JP  (PDF)
      16.00-16.15  Transcatheter management for unresectable
                           hepatocellular carcinoma with marked arterioportal
                           shunts: TACE during portal vein occlusion.
                           F. Sugihara,Tokyo, JP  (PDF)
      16.15-16.30  Transcatheter arterial ethanol embolisation
                           under closes renal circuit for large renal
                           cell carcinoma. S. Onozawa, Malmø, S  (PDF)
      16.30-16.40 Transcatheter arterial chemoembolization in rabbit
                           VX2 liver tumor: Compartive study of epirubin-
                           iodized oil suspension and emulsion.
                           T. Ueda, Tokyo, JP   (PDF)
      16.40-16.50 Transcatheter arterial chemoembolization in rabbit
                           VX2 liver tumor: Cisplatin-Iodized Oil suspension VS Emulsion.
                           T. Mine, Tokyo, JP  (PDF)
      16.50-17.00  Short and long-term results for balloon-occluded
                           retrograde transvenous obliteration for esophageal
                           and gastric varices: A 10-year experience.
                           F. Uchiyama, JP  (PDF)

Tuesday September 7th. 2010

PACS status

Chairmen T. Kushihashi, Showa, JP & J Reponen, Oulo, Fin

      8.00-8.30  Current status of PACS in Japan, and the complete
                       filmless and paperless university hospital:
                       ten years' experience and clinical usefulness of
                       immediate diagnosis for all radiological imagings.
                       T. Kushihashi, Showa, JP   (PDF)
      8.30-8.45  PACS in Denmark - consolidation and integration:
                       Streaming technology - the future of teleradiology ?
                       F. Mathiesen, Vejle, DK  (PDF)
      8.45-9.00  New Challenge towards the smarter Hospital.
                       Y. Kinosada, Gifu, JP  (PDF)
      9.00-9.15  PACS in (western) Norway, A. Aslaksen, Bergen, N  (PDF)
      9.15-9.30  Server based computing as an infrastructure of
                       hospital-wide EPR and inter-hospital system.
                       H. Kondoh, Tottori, JP  (PDF)

9.30-10.00   Coffee

PACS continued

Chairmen A. Aslaksen, Bergen, N & H. Kondoh, Totturi, JP

      10.00-10.20 Regional imaging interpretation centre – a new
                          concept with emphasize to education and
                          subspecialists’ training. F. Lærum, Oslo, N  (PDF)
      10.20-10.40 PACS in Finland - development and current status in
                          eHealth environment, J. Reponen, Fin  (PDF)
      10.40-11.00 PACS, current status in Sweden. P. Leander, S  (PDF)
      11.00-11.20 Development of PACS using the DICOM and
                          IHE specification. Y. Ando, Chiba, JP  (PDF)
Observation environment for diagnostic imaging:
                          Considering illuminance in image interpretation.
                          M. Kuchiki, Yamagata, JP  (PDF)    

11.30-13.00  Buffet lunch

Oncological imaging update

Chairmen H Tajima, Tokyo, JP & B Højlund Bech, Copenhagen, DK

      13.00-13.30  Elastography
                           E. Bibby, London, UK  (PDF)
      13.30-13.50  Regional chemotherapy – getting                                         
                           started. HH  Nørgaard, Herlev, DK  (PDF)
      13.50-14.00  CEUS vs. MDCT in the detection of
                           Synchronous liver metastases from
                           Colorectal cancer.
                           S. Rafaelsen, Vejle, DK  (PDF)
      14.00-14.30  The present status on CIN prevention.
                           P. Aspelin, S  (PDF)

14.30-15.00  Coffee

Free presentations

Chairmen N. Albiin, Stockholm, S & M Sako, Kobe, JP

      15.00-15.15  Use of iodine contrast media iso-attenuating
                           with diagnostic gadolinium doses in
                           angiographic x-ray procedures may
                           avoid both CIN and NSF in azotemic
                           patients. U. Nyman, S  (PDF)
      15.15-15.30  Visualization of Hemodynamics in Intracranial
                           Arteries after EC/IC Bypass Surgery using
                           Time-Resolved Three-Dimensional
                           Phase-Contrast (4D-flow) MRI, R. Takagi, JP   (PDF)
      15.30-15.40  The terminology and diagnostic standard of
                           non-mass lesion - Ultrasound Diagnosis of Breast Lesions
                           seen as abnormalities of the ducts.
                           E. Tohno, Tsukuba, JP   (PDF)
      15.40-15.50  The terminology and diagnostic standard of
                           non-mass lesion – Hypoechois area in the
                           mammary gland. T. Endo, JP  (PDF)
      15.50-16.00  The terminology and diagnostic standard of non
                            mass lesions – Clustered microcysts on breast ultrasound
                            Y. Kajiura, JP  (PDF)
      16.00-16.10  The terminology and diagnostic standard of
                           non-mass lesion - Distorsion on ultrasound,
                           H. Tsunoda, St Luke, JP  (PDF)
      16.10-16.25  Radiation doses at chest computed tomography
                           close to that of chest x-ray. U. Nyman, S (PDF)
      16.25-16.40  Pancreatic tumors: Low-kilovoltage computed
                           tomography (CT) for improved detection:
        a phantom study. L. Loizou, S (PDF)  
      16.40-16.50  Analysis of photoresponse between 
                           hematoporphyrin and CD44 cell adhesion
                           molecule related domain of the type IV collagen
                           for control of the stroma reconstruction change
                           caused by diseases. M. Machida, Tokyo, JP
      16.50-17.00  Closing session, F Mathiesen and H Aronen  (PDF)




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